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Team members Francis, Emily , Paul, and Jen
Our award winning, relationship focused proposition is what makes us stand out from the crowd.

Committed to


now and in the future.

With a truly whole of market proposition, you have full control of the providers, platforms and products you use, and always will.

Being independent
does not mean going it alone.

Matthew Drummond
Zoe and Paul
Vanesa Alvarez

Our highly experienced team of industry professionals are committed to supporting your transition and navigating your journey to success with care and confidence. Whether you are going independent for the first time or building a retirement plan, we offer a large selection of professional resources for you to leverage.

Surrounded by
the best
Vision Head Office Team Members

Our appointed representatives choose Vision because they share in our philosophy. We proudly have high standards, we only want to work with the highest quality financial advisers, so you can be sure you’re in good company.

Not only that, you will be supported by our award winning head office team, who always go the extra mile.

Tom Alston

Tom Alston

Client Services Officer
Callum McGovan

Callum McGovan

Service Desk Lead
Fraser Honey

Fraser Honey

AML Manager
Emily Green

Emily Green

Accounts Processing Officer
Tom Alston

Tom Alston

Jenifer Hall

Jenifer Hall

Network Support Manager
Sam Fidock

Sam Fidock

Head of IT
Sophie Kay

Sophie Kay

Jake Edwards

Jake Edwards

Finance Manager
Shelby Hanson

Shelby Hanson

Fees Processing Officer
Laura Fidock

Laura Fidock

Client Services Team Leader
Sophie Kay

Sophie Kay

Senior Client Services Officer

Your business is


So are we.

iPad showing Vision Portal

We understand that every IFA business is different, that’s why nothing about Vision is ‘off the shelf’.

We have designed our own, bespoke, back-office system, completely tailored to the needs of IFA’s today.

Think instantly reportable MIFID charges, live client and financial information. All at the click of a button.

In short, we are

big enough to

small enough to

(Ian and Martin. Martin is taller and leans on Ian's shoulder.)

“Sounds perfect,
but what about…”

Network Costs and Fees

Have peace of mind with our transparent charging structure, which includes an attractive maximum network capped fee.

Our business model allows for a competitive proposition for you to enjoy potential uncapped earnings.

All regulatory fees are included as standard, there will be no ‘hidden’ or ‘additional’ fees.


At Vision IFP, you will have access to our digital marketing partner Channel Digital, who are 100% focused to helping businesses grow their branding online through a professionally designed website.

We understand how a well distinct brand can elicit emotions, inspire trust and reach the intended audience. By investing in your brand and focusing on what you do well, you’ll be on your way to projecting authenticity and growth.

Positive Compliance Support

Our dedicated team of compliance professionals are on board to support you navigate through the continual regulatory changes, giving you peace of mind that your business is running effectively, fulfilling regulatory requirements and industry standards while you provide high quality advice to your clients.

Full personal indemnity insurance cover is arranged and included for you.

Dedicated Supervisory Support and Development

Our supervisory team of industry experienced professionals will be there for you from the moment you onboard.

Your assigned supervisor will be responsible for your in-house business development and quality CPD training, underpinned with continual support through our policies and procedures that connect the day-to-day functions between Compliance and Operations.

Succession Planning

We have in place an exit strategy that comes with a highly successful track record for when you decide it’s time to retire.

Our experienced team will support you throughout the process of identifying and developing a succession plan to secure the continued success of your business and maintain excellent service for your clients.


You have the option to outsource investment decisions to our panel of industry leading Discretionary Fund Managers with whom we have negotiated terms and fees and completed the necessary due diligence on your behalf.

Together with their expertise and a wide range of investment resources, research, and analysis at your disposal, you can take comfort knowing that better informed decisions aligned with your client’s investment goals will ultimately result in a more effective and efficient investment strategy.


Connecting with peers at events and conferences can be a powerful tool to share knowledge and best practice. We aim to give you the platform to network regularly, to build camaraderie and promote clarity and consistency through peer-to-peer idea sharing.

Our goal is to give you access to industry events, seminars and workshops to obtain the most up-to-date market insights and exposure to the comprehensive services that have the potential to increase your business growth.


We choose to work with like-minded people who value independence, strive for excellence and are committed to helping people build sound financial security.

We foster a values-based family environment and recruit advisers who share our work ethic and live and work by our set of defined principles:

14 Years of Proven Results


At the moment the Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy, Vision laid down the foundations for what is now a highly successful award-winning independent financial network.


Navigating and overcoming the challenging economic environment Vision relocates from Maritime Quay to Vision House. The enhanced facilities supported the growing team, signalling expansion and progress.


Winning the Best Business Award was the first of many significant milestones. The award acknowledged the delivery of exceptional service, excellence, and leadership within the industry.


Vision reaches £1 billion in assets under management, surpassing a notable milestone. This achievement highlights Vision’s solid position as a trusted and reliable financial network for independent financial advisers.


The 100th Appointed Representative joins the Vision network demonstrating expansion and increasing influence within the industry. This milestone signifies Vision’s ability to attract and empower like-minded independent advisers.


Vision experiences substantial growth as assets under management reach £2 billion, a significant milestone reflecting the commitment to building strong relationships on the foundations of trust, transparency, and integrity.


The Vision Acquisition division is launched, focussing on strategic acquisitions in pursuit of new growth opportunities and further expansion throughout the UK.


Vision continues to flourish, achieving the notable milestone of £4bn in funds under management, a remarkable achievement for a national network firm of any size.


2024 marks a pivotal point for Vision as Zoe King is appointed as Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Her clear vision and strategic acumen will continue to drive our business forward. We bid farewell to Paul Sweaton, who assumes the position of Executive Chair of the Vision Board and express our gratitude for his visionary leadership.

The growth continues.

Vision reaches yet another significant milestone with a remarkable 136 Advisers and £3.8 billion in assets under management, solidifying its reputation as a trusted and successful player in the financial industry.


What our appointed representatives say
Kath Atkin-Bowdler

Kath Atkin-Bowdler

Kath Atkin-Bowdler Financial Services Ltd

“Making the decision to leave HSBC was not easy – I was walking away from a salary, job security, friends and colleagues to name a few BUT, it was 100% the correct decision.

“Six years on, I love being my own boss and have built up a really good business. I now employ an assistant and continue to grow my client base. I get regular referrals from existing clients and other than some social media platforms I have not needed to advertise.

“The grouping of advisers into ‘teams’ within Vision provides an invaluable network, so vital in the field in which we work. My advice to anyone considering a move would be, do it, you will have no regrets.”

“Making the leap to running my own IFA Business as an AR of Vision was the best thing I’ve ever done. Being independent we can now offer the best solutions for clients and provide them with the best outcomes.”

Kevin Morrison, IFA

Ravi Ruparel

Ravi Ruparel

RR Wealth Management Ltd

“Every day I am so grateful that I have been able to set up as an IFA through Vision. I always hoped to run my own business and for many years in an employed Financial Adviser role, I never knew how that would be possible.

“Vision made that transition seamless by providing support above and beyond anything I’ve experienced in the industry before.”

“It is scary, no doubt, but all of the Vision team and IFAs in the network are prepared to offer support and advice, and that really counts.”

Fergus Rushe, IFA

Reshma Patel

Reshma Patel

H2N Wealth Management Limited

“Making the jump to running my own AR firm was the best thing I did and a risk worth taking!

“Working with and joining the Vision network was very straightforward and simple. I felt supported in my every move from an employee to a self-employed business owner.

“I have never felt so passionate and happier in my career. I love being my own boss, and the flexibility that comes with this. I’ve finally achieved the work / life balance I’ve always desired.”

“The freedom of being your own boss, coupled with the support and backing of an award winning network has proven to be the perfect combination.”

Carlie Frewer, Area Business Manager

Simon Field

Simon Field

Valere Wealth Management Limited

“I have found the move from a comfortable employed role to self-employed a lot smoother than I imagined. Everything that was promised by Rob & Craig at Vision was delivered and there was a lot of support from many other advisers within the network on everything from putting together cases to which scanner and printer works well.”

“There are some inspirational advisers at Vision who have built some great businesses, and all are generous with their time on passing on advice, I really feel like everyone is on your side and willing you to succeed.

“I have found the move to Vision life changing to me and my family and now feel like I have a great work/life balance, spending a lot more time with the family. I would recommend that any advisers thinking about joining to go for it and take that leap of faith.”

“Vision adopts a very personalised approach that fits around your business, from meeting client and business needs to maintaining high-quality compliance, we understand that a one size fits all approach may not be right for everybody.”

Justin Garratt, IFA

Victoria Toan

Victoria Toan

VJT Wealth Management Ltd

“Having left the comfort of a long-term career with a High Street Bank there was much uncertainty around taking the step to work with a network and become self-employed. So many unknowns.

“But right from the start I knew Vision was a great fit for me. They are friendly, supportive, all working in the same direction to provide the best financial advice offering to clients. From taking the first step to now being in my fifth year I have all the support I need to ensure my business is successful and my clients are looked after in the best possible way.

“I love the autonomy of being able to run my business my way and also being able to decide on my work /life balance. This has been life changing!

“Every day I am proud to be part of Vision and part of a network whose values are aligned with mine and they always give me a sense of belonging to something special.”

“Vision is structured so that the spans of control for Regional Business Managers and Area Business Managers are local and therefore manageable. The benefit for our IFAs is that there is immediate support when they want it. In addition, the exchange of ideas and information between IFAs and the Board is quick and easy; everybody truly feels involved with the business and that their views count.”

Ian Gagg, Senior Executive

Nikki Zammit

Nikki Zammit

Realise Wealth Management Limited

“My regional business manager was there for any and every query I had when starting with Vision. This varied from the transition to running my own company, to client engagement and providing best in class advice.”

“Vision is such a great place to work with the most welcoming people who’ve a real passion for the business – love it!”

Denise Yates, Advice Quality Specialist

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